A Sicilian Weekend at the Annex

 In keeping with its commitment to authentic European food, the Annexe offers a Sicilian Cuisine themed lunch on Saturdays. On every Saturday for 19.95 pounds per person, you can enjoy a specially made menu that will take your palette to the shores of Sicily. Jumpstart your pallet with authentically made sfizzi, followed by a tantalizing selection of pasta primo dishes. After, cool down with a refreshing dessert. As if this is not enough, the restaurant offers live jazz to accompany and compliment your culinary experience. Staying with this theme, this article will reveal the inspiration behind this weekly event as well as some of the most delicious bites from the streets of Sicily. 


A walk on the streets of Sicily is not complete without trying this mouthwatering dessert. It is most likely one of the most prominent Sicilian desserts. The dessert comprises of a conical crunchy wafer that is pumped with cream of chocolate or sweetened ricotta. More filling options include traditional ice-cream or candied fruit. The Cannoli may be sprinkled with some icing sugar or some pistachio and almond shavings. It is completely understandable If this description leaves you mouthwatering!


There is a certain allure that bite-size snacks tend to have. This is indeed true because Arancina, one such snack, is extremely popular in Sicily. Arancina is meat filled rice balls that have been fried. Also referred to as Arancina Bomba, these delights leave your mouth exploding with taste. Traditionally these street snacks come with Carne sauce based out of meat or Burro a sauce with ham and cheese.


Also known as Sicilian fritters this street food comprises of a chickpea fritter, often served in between a bun or bread. They are simple but pack a ton of flavor. In Sicilian, they are also known as Pannedi.


This dish from Southern Sicily is simply to die for. It truly embodies the words crunch and savory perfectly. Prepared by baking thin folded sheets of dough, layered with cheese, sausage and often onions, tomato and eggplant, this dish is a must try!

Pani Cunzatu

Pani Cunzatu reflects the fact that food doesn’t always have to be expensive to be great. Previously known as a poor man’s dish, today it puts smiles to the faces of all that taste it on the streets of Sicily. These slices of bread seasoned with olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, anchovies, cheese, and onions are a perfect light lunch to have on a lazy weekend.


Sfincione is a dish the greatly resembles pizza but is not. Native to Sicily this pizza look-alike is made by layering pizza dough with some freshly made tomato sauce then grilling it. It is topped with onions and herbs. It represents the hallmark of Sicilian dishes, they do not necessarily rely on a lot of spices as much as they do freshness and quality ingredients. So simple, yet so delicious.

Pane Con La Milza

Loosely translating to veal spleen sandwich, this unique creation is a must try,  for you may not find many dishes in your area offering veal’s spleen. Resembling a burger,  the dish is made by stuffing a bun with spleen and optionally some cheese. It isn’t complicated but is very tasty. The veal itself is slow cooked in pans made out of copper over low heat. Next time you are in Sicily, this is a must try!

Why Sicilian?

You may ask yourself why and how the restaurant cherry picked Sicily as the location to base its Saturday lunch theme. Well, the answer is quite simple- the restaurant’s manager is in love with Sicily, literally. Although Rodrigo, the manager, originally hails from Spain, he has a strong admiration for Sicilian cuisine. So strong is this love that he even married a Sicilian lady. He gained inspiration for this theme by visiting Sicily and trying out some of the recipes above himself. What’s more, he makes sure that the recipes for the Sicilian Cuisine themed lunch on Saturdays are completely authentic. Each recipe is thoroughly sampled and critiqued by his Sicilian in-laws before ever making it to the restaurant’s chefs! This kind of passion for European cuisine is what makes the Annexe such a great restaurant!

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