Dinner at the Annexe

Since opening its doors to the public in 2011, the Annexe has warmed people’s hearts and put smiles on countless faces with their food. Specializing In European cuisine the restaurant is a gem! Its unmatched quality has not gone unnoticed. Out of the more than 1000 reviews it has received on Trip Advisor, it has gotten a near perfect score. Customers dining at the Annexe enjoy its excellent food, well-sized portions, and amazing customer service. If you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner for two, to treat your family or even to host a group of people for festivities then dinner at the Annexe is a great option. Keep reading to learn more about their dinner menu and some of their great dishes!


A good starter will prepare the pallet for the main course. Those at the Annexe do exactly that. At the Annexe, the starter menu is divided into soups, and other small bites classified according to the type of protein the dish contains.

Soups at the Annexe are made fresh every day and to order some, just ask for the day’s special. Soups average at a fair price of 5.25.

For a lighter yet flavor-packed option try the restaurant’s meringue slaw with some excellent goats curd and almond flakes. The unique flavor of the goat’s cheese will certainly awaken your taste buds!

When was the last time you had guinea fowl? This appetizer features a guinea fowl roulade complimented with some Parma harm that adds an incredible depth of flavor. It is finished with some crostini adding amazing texture to the dish. For 7.25, this exotic starter is a must-have!

For something warmer, try the Annexe’s pork cheek and chorizo croquette. The warmth of the chorizo is perfectly complemented by the freshness of the croquette and apple shavings. It goes for 6.75.

The starter menu also features some seafood options including salmon scallops and prawns. Their scallops are especially popular.

Main Courses

As you shall note from some of the dishes below, the Annexe does not spare any quality ingredient to make sure you have an exquisite dinner. Their main course menu is very diverse, and there’s something for everyone in it. Below are some of their delectable main course delights.

For an amazing family, experience, try their Côte de Boeuf. This dish comprises of a whopping 1kg of beef rib, served while still attached to the bone. To complement the protein are some hand cut chips, some vine tomato, and mushroom for some wild freshness, seasoned with peppercorn to give a bit of kick to the dish. Going for 59.95, this dish is great for sharing.

For that East Central Europe Vibe, try their 8oz Galician Sirloin Steak served with some hand cut chips and vine tomato and mushroom for freshness. This dish goes for 19.95 and is a great option for one.

The Annexe’s Duck breast going for 20.50 also does not disappoint. Served with some parsnip purée, fig texture, Mooli radish and complimented with some chocolate and vanilla jus, this dish will take your taste buds on a culinary journey!

Seafood is always best prepared fresh. That is why the Annexe offers only the freshest market fish of the day for their main course. To know more simply ask for the day’s special.


For 2.95, one can order from the Annexe’s wide array of sides to suit their taste. The sides include hand cut chips, Anya New Potatoes with Butter and Chive, Some honey glazed Chantenay Carrots, some sautéed baby Spinach served with toasted pine nuts and golden raisins, French beans prepared with shallots, garlic and rosemary as well as some Israel couscous with citrus and nuts.


Nothing is more refreshing than a great dessert after a heavy meal. The Annexe’s dessert option represent their creative style-all their desserts are uniquely created by their culinary team. Below are some great options.

For 5.95 try their refreshing port mousse served with pear sorbet and some classic vanilla ice-cream.

For a coastal vibe try the restaurants Malibu inspired coconut ice cream served with some sous vide pineapple and mango.

The restaurant offers a diverse array of artisan cheeses. Each week has a different selection.

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