Restaurants with Amazing Halloween Show Nights

A good restaurant has great food, an even better one merges an amazing culinary experience with an equally incredible entertainment experience. The restaurants featured below offer amazing culinary experiences but also go out of their way to offer their guests amazing entertainment experiences as well. With these restaurants around, you do not have to spend the day handing out candy at your house on these ghostly nights. This is because they offer an all-inclusive Halloween experience for all ages. Dress up, go out, and have a great culinary and ghostly experience this coming Halloween! Keep reading to see some of the restaurants that offer incredible Halloween shows.

Halloween at the Annexe

Beyond the amazing food and service offered at this restaurant, it is also known for its amazing show nights- Halloween show nights in particular. Over the past few years, the Annexe has gained fame for hosting some amazing Halloween experiences. As one of the restaurants first Halloween night shows, the restaurant hosted a Halloween Burlesque show on October 29th, 2011. With reservations going for 49 pounds per person, the event was soon sold out. The restaurant offered a frighteningly fantastic culinary experience featuring a 5-course gourmet meal. Among the amazing meals served was some incredible honey roast duck breast and braised confit Feuillet served with creamed cabbage and leeks as well as caramelized shallots in Madeira Jus. If that sounds like a mouthful, its because this restaurant is known for its unique culinary creations. For a Halloween vibe, the restaurant presented the Opulence Burlesque Halloween show.

Another popular Halloween event hosted by this dynamic restaurant paid homage to the master of horror movies-Alfred Hitchcock. With an admission fee of 16 euros, the restaurant offered attendees a 60’s jazz filled atmosphere as well as its famed gourmet dining experience. To top it off it promised a room full of serial killers!

A Murder Scene at Berners Tavern

This restaurant takes Halloween festivities to a whole new level. For 2000 euros, you and 13 friends can re-enact a murder investigation set in the 20s while enjoying great food. Here’s how it works.

Dubbed the Final Curtain murder mystery this creation gives the participants a chance to investigate the suspicious the death of a lead actor in a production. Prior to the event, participating members are briefed on their roles to prepare beforehand. To top the show, the restaurant offers a 3-course meal featuring beef wellingtons and dessert.

Deathly Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester

For a more cultured experience, consider afternoon tea at this restaurant. For 52 pounds per person, the Dorchester offers a Halloween afternoon to remember. It goes all out by hiring dancers from the English National Ballet School to haunt the hotel on this night. If you want to know what it feels like to have tea in a restaurant with ghosts look no further. The dancers hover around the guests’ tables as they enjoy the amazing pastries and other accompaniments that the hotel has to offer.

Spaghetti Worms and Bloody Cranberry Gravy at Putney Pies

So far, no restaurant has attempted to infuse their food with Halloween vibes. Putney Pies does exactly that. Known to have some of the most exquisite pies in the country, Putney Pies does not shy away from Halloween festivities. Take this particular night as an example.

On 30th and 31st October 2017, the restaurant arranged for a show featuring a mini play telling the ghoulish story of Sweeny Todd, a barber turned murderer. While this would have sufficed anywhere else, this establishment did not stop there. For good measure, they put together an entire Halloween menu filled with gut-wrenching delicacies. Have you ever tried eyeball soup with spaghetti worms, well on this night at Putney Pies, you would have gotten a chance.

An Afternoon of Horrors at Royal Lancaster London

The Royal Lancaster London does not shy away from the festivities of Halloween. It is known to offer a themed Halloween experience each year. One particular example is highlighted below. A few years ago, having just been refurbished, the hotel put on an Alfred Hitchcock inspired Halloween afternoon event. The event featured movies showed from classic 60s projectors as well as a delectable menu specially designed for Halloween.

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